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About Joe

Joe PellicerJoe Pellicer, MD, has practiced emergency medicine for the past fifteen years at Providence Saint Peter Hospital, a large community hospital in Olympia, Washington. In addition to his clinical duties there, he teaches the residents that rotate through the ER. As the medical director for the county's Medic One program, he also teaches and supervises an excellent group of paramedics.

Dr. Pellicer started his career as a family physician in Seattle, Washington. As a consultant to UNICEF in the East African country of Uganda in 1987, he conducted research and designed teaching materials about the AIDS epidemic. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and has served as a medical advisor on several international expeditions. Dr. Pellicer has expertise in both high-altitude and diving medicine, and he is working on his first novel.

The essays found on this website were originally published in the "Notes from the ER" column in The Olympian, a newspaper (with a circulation of 33,800) in Olympia. Dr. Pellicer has spoken with many civic groups in that city in response to the interest that this column has generated.

My Life As a Doctor
The Choices We Make