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"I very much liked your columns--they are gentle, compassionate, and understanding. The one about your leg injury reminded me a bit of Oliver Sacks' book about his leg injury and the ones about the placebo and the naturopath are very pertinent. As a board member of the National Foundation of Alternative Medicine (NFAM), I am asked almost on a daily basis how to find a good naturopath and what to take for....whatever. Of course I always say that I'm not qualified to give any medical recommendations, but this question of 'either or' is one that bedevils current healthcare. However, I think that more and more 'orthodox' MDs are accepting of some of 'alternative medicines' value and agree that prescribing yet another pharmaceutical on top of all the others that many people take, is not the answer."

-- Fiona Eberts, journalist and philanthropist

"Brilliant, compelling, and horrifying - and at the same time threaded through with such an incredible sense of compassion and humanity."

-- Jane Nelson, director, Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"Thank you for your wonderful columns. Your columns are unfailingly open, touching, and informative."

--The Providence Saint Peter Home Care and Hospice Team

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